Being founded as a professional manufacturer of a various kinds of microspeakers and dynamic receivers, MIC KOREA CO., Ltd. concentrated our efforts continuously on producing and developing acoustic components. so we played a leading role for developing the acoustic components.

Supplying speakers and receivers which are mainly used for Cellular Phone, small sized audio, PDA, NOTEBOOK and small sized audio to worldwide electronic communication maker such as NEC, MATSUSHITA, CASIO, JRC, TOYOCOM, SAMSUNG, SK TELETECH, LG, HYUNDAI Etc. we make efforts to accept customer-needs and service by constant quality improvement.
As a result of it, we grow to be one of the largest manufacturers of acoustic components in korea.

Facing the 21st century, we will never stop satisfying all our customers worldwide with the high-quality products and services. we believe that MIC KOREA CO., Ltd. make efforts to develop the supreme products and to service satisfaction for customer both now and in the future.

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