Aug, 1987   Establish MIC KOREA CO., Ltd
Nov, 1987   Developed H.A.C(hearing aid compatibility) receiver units
May, 1988   Export to U.S.A(receiver units & handsets)
Sep, 1989   Developed as world-wide micro size of receiver Unit(29x5.5t,7g)
Jun, 1992   Ministry of information and communication Of national policy get the CDMA phone's receiver
Jun, 1994   Export to AT&T U.S.A(receiver units for mobile handsets)
Sep, 1994   Supply for mobile handset receiver units to Pantech&Curitel
Jun, 1995   Export to AT&T(new spec of receiver units)
Oct, 1996   Firstly developed f15 receiver unit the first  in Korea
Oct, 1997   China factory operation
Oct, 1997   Supply for mobile handset receiver units to Pantech&Curitel CDMA
May, 1998   Developed f13 receiver unit
Aug, 1998   Win the ISO 9002 Certificated
Dec, 1998   Win the 100PPM Quality Certificated(Small and Medium Business Administration)
Oct, 1999   Developed f10 receiver unit for Mobile Handset
Nov, 2000   Developed f17 of the two way speaker for Mobile Handset
Apr, 2001   Developed 3-mode speaker for Mobile Handset
Jan, 2001   Developed f15 high power ouput speaker for Mobile Handset
May, 2002   Developed f13*18 oval type speaker for Mobile Handset
July, 2002   Developed f10 contact type receiver unit for Mobil Handset
Dec, 2002   Developed f15 of the two way spearker for Mobile Handset
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